Simple Shiny App for Gift Exchange Drawing

‘Tis the season! In this article, I’d like to share how I used a smattering of R and some free online services to overcome a surprisingly tricky holiday speedbump. The “Problem” Every year, I, my brother, my sister, and our spouses draw names for Christmas gifts (mostly because we’d all rather buy presents for each others’ kids). This process has just a few requirements: Each person should draw the name of another person in the “gift pool” randomly.

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KeepCount was the result of a side project that ended up being used as a work project whose lessons-learned got applied to another side project. Relatively short, strange, trip. The real beginning was my desire to pick up Django, a Python web framework that I would strongly recommend, as a new skill. In doing so, I wanted a project setup that I could easily test, replicate, and deploy into a production environment at need.

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