I am an information technology professional with a knack for numbers, a passion for social service, and a history of delivering game-changing program improvements and insights. I started out working with disadvantaged youth, and quickly realized that my agency, like so many others in the field, was missing out on the power of the digital age with respect to data collection, electronic record-keeping, management by information, and deep interconnectivity between scattered offices. Employees in one part of the state were struggling to figure out issues that their distant colleagues had already solved, and every office had their own unique ‘personality’ when it came to maintaining records about our clients. If you’re working for a social service agency, then you probably have a good idea of the struggle of transmitting paper copies of client records from office to office and navigating the record-keeping of someone else who had their own ‘style’. I worked with my agency leadership to standardize and update our practices and systems, and I’ve continued to do so no matter what my position or job title ever since.

I’ve learned a lot since those days, and I’ve got a few more accomplishments under my belt, but I’ve never forgotten that drive to see social service professionals equipped with the tools and systems they need to focus their time and energy on serving clients instead of struggling against inefficient practices and outdated technology. Let me help you and your staff to continue helping others.