Often, it’s not enough just to know. I’ve learned to effectively share knowledge in a variety of formats to expand my impact.

Data Architecture

Good data input architecture is often not designed for easy analysis. I leverage my experience with a variety of databases to quickly identify necessary information.


It’s one thing to understand data. My experience in social services allows me to get real insight into the what the data really means without jumping to conclusions.


In our high-tech, mobile world, it’s important to meet people where they are. I’ve worked with a number of web/mobile frameworks to collect and disseminate information.

Staying Social

I started out by providing direct services to people, and my focus remains on ensuring everything I do benefits those in society who need it most.


I leave organizations better than I found them by driving adoption of innovative tools and approaches.

From record-keeping systems to data dashboards, the variety of both web-based and on-site solutions available is enormous. Unfortunately, this abundance can be overwhelming, and the learning curve for leveraging technology can be steep. This is especially true for non-profits and social service agencies, who often run on tight budgets and short deadlines.


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