KeepCount was the result of a side project that ended up being used as a work project whose lessons-learned got applied to another side project. Relatively short, strange, trip. The real beginning was my desire to pick up Django, a Python web framework that I would strongly recommend, as a new skill. In doing so, I wanted a project setup that I could easily test, replicate, and deploy into a production environment at need.

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Introduction to SQLite

Presented May 31st, 2019 @ Memphis NonProfit Data Professionals Meetup The git repository for this talk can be found HERE. The presentation can be viewed HERE. Resources cited in this talk include: SQLCourse: An interactive online training course for SQL, includes good background information about SQL in general. SQLite.org: Website for the SQLite project, houses downloads, documentation, and just about anything else you’d need regarding SQLite. sqlitetutorial.net: A collection of SQLite tutorials.

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Report Development – Olivia Y STRO Reporting

During 2017, the state of Mississippi entered a period governed by a court order known as the Stipulated Third Remedial Order, or STRO, pursuant to the ongoing Olivia Y lawsuit. This order included language compelling the state of Mississippi to establish baselines, in partnership with an independent consulting agency, with regards to caseworker contacts with foster children, maltreatment in care occurrence, permanency outcomes for foster children, and statistics related to adoption of foster children.

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