Longest Increasing Subsequence

Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels The Problem Recently, I was posed the “Longest Increasing Subsequence” problem in the CodeConnector community on Slack. It’s one of those coding questions that shows up in some form or another on a lot of coding puzzle/interview prep sites. If you haven’t seen it before (like I hadn’t), the problem statement is as follows (this description comes from LeetCode): Given an integer array nums, return the length of the longest strictly increasing subsequence.

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I’ve mentioned in other posts that I’ve been learning the Rust programming language, with the explicit intention of implementing some R functionality in Rust for performance gains. I discuss this rationale in more detail in THIS blog post. In that post, I discuss the rustbind project, where I explore strategies for calling Rust code in an R package. The goal of that project is to provide a straightforward set of patterns that I (and other developers) can leverage for integrating Rust into future R projects.

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Implementing R Functions in Rust with [extendr]

I’ve recently (since the beginning of 2021) been trying my hand learning and using Rust, and so far it has been a really good experience. Rust has a lot to recommend it, including top-notch tooling, inherent memory safety, and blazing speed. That last part comes from the fact that Rust is a compiled, systems programming language and was the inspiration for picking up Rust in the first place. You see, I absolutely love R.

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