KeepCount was the result of a side project that ended up being used as a work project whose lessons-learned got applied to another side project. Relatively short, strange, trip. The real beginning was my desire to pick up Django, a Python web framework that I would strongly recommend, as a new skill. In doing so, I wanted a project setup that I could easily test, replicate, and deploy into a production environment at need.

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Web Scraping in R, Python, and

Presented February 28th, 2019 @ Memphis NonProfit Data Professionals Meetup The git repository for this talk can be found HERE. The presentation can be viewed HERE. Resources cited in this talk include: rvest GitHub Page: GitHub page for the rvest R package for web scraping DataCamp Tutorial: A pretty good tutorial from DataCamp on web scraping with R Analytics Vidhya Tutorial: Another pretty good tutorial from DataCamp on web scraping with R BeautifulSoup Documentation: Official documentation for the BeautifulSoup Python library for web scraping Towards Data Science Tutorial: A pretty good tutorial from Towards Data Science on web scraping with Python Traversy Media Tutorial (YouTube): A video tutorial, for those who learn better by watching that reading Webscraper.

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