Introduction to SQLite

Presented May 31st, 2019 @ Memphis NonProfit Data Professionals Meetup The git repository for this talk can be found HERE. The presentation can be viewed HERE and below.  To view the presentation below, navigate with your arrow keys after giving Read more…

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IL Curriculum Materials

Mississippi Independent Living Curriculum

Prior to the 2014 contract year, the Independent Living Division of the Mississippi Department of Human Services opted to transition from a model of providing Independent Living Skills classes taught after school to a combination large group/individual follow-up model. Under the new plan, life skills would be taught in at events and retreats to many youth at once in a seminar style, while providing individual meetings with Independent Living Specialists to reinforce the skills taught at these events. In order to accommodate this model, the PREPARE unit of Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth, a contractor for the state, undertook to prepare a curriculum for use at these events. I was tasked to lead a team of Independent Living Specialists in preparation of this curriculum. The final output of this effort is provided below: (more…)

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