Presented May 31st, 2019 @ Memphis NonProfit Data Professionals Meetup

The git repository for this talk can be found HERE.

The presentation can be viewed HERE and below.  To view the presentation below, navigate with your arrow keys after giving the presentation window focus (clicking inside it).

Resources cited in this talk include:

  • SQLCourse: An interactive online training course for SQL, includes good background information about SQL in general.
  • Website for the SQLite project, houses downloads, documentation, and just about anything else you’d need regarding SQLite.
  • A collection of SQLite tutorials.
  • SQLite Browser: GUI for SQLite. This isn’t the only GUI, but it is cross-platform, reliable, and easy to use.
  • An optional “Cloud” storage service for SQLite databases. The database used in this talk is stored here for public access.
  • nycflights13 documentation:  Airline on-time data for all flights departing NYC in 2013. Also includes useful ‘metadata’ on airlines, airports, weather, and planes.
  • SQLite Online: An online SQLite GUI and browser. Useful for working with a SQLite database in the absence of a local SQLite installation.

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