On 09/04/2018, I gave a presentation to a gathering of non-profit and foundation IT and data professionals in Memphis. The git repository for this talk can be found HERE.

The presentation I gave at this talk can be viewed HERE and below. To view the presentation below, navigate with your arrow keys after giving the presentation window focus (clicking inside it).

Resources cited in this talk include:

  • Tidy Data: A paper by Hadley Wickham providing practical advice on formatting data for programmatic workflows.
  • Data Camp: A really useful site for interactive R training.
  • R for Data Science: An online book by Garrett Grolemund and Hadley Wickham that introduces the basics of data science using R.
  • The ggplot2 Book: Again by Hadley Wickham, author of the ggplot2 package. This link is for the github repo for the book.
  • Cookbook for R > Graphs: A useful collection of R plotting code for many daily use situations.
  • Top 50 ggplot2 Visualizations: A good reference for the types of visualizations that are possible and full code for each of them.
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